Bi’Boya Thick Spreading Plaster

It is acrylic emulsion based, spreading plaster appearance, silicone, elastic, fiber added, can be used inside and outside, applied with trowel, patterned with trowel, thick colored ready-made plaster.

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Interior walls and facades

• Elastic, bridges the cracks in the substructure and is not affected by the movements that occur during the settlement of the building.
• Fiber added and easy to apply.
• With its high water repellent ability, it ensures that rain water hitting the façade flows without wetting the surface.
• Although it does not pass water from outside to inside, it enables the buildings to breathe with the ability to discharge the moisture inside.
• Resistant to alkali.
• UV is not affected by heavy weather conditions such as extreme cold or heat, rain, snow, moisture, does not swell, crack, color fade.
• It does not smell and does not harm human and environmental health as it does not contain solvent and diluted with water.

Application and Consumption Information
• BiBoya Thick Spreading Plaster is ready to use, no need for thinning and coloring.
• 24 hours after primer application; Bi’Boya Thick Spreading Plaster should be spread on the surface with stainless steel trowel and pattern should be given with plastic trowel.
• Allow the surface to dry for at least 24 hours.
• Depending on the roughness and absorbency of the surface, average 2.4 - 2.9 kg / m² in one layer