Interior Application Doors | Speed Roller NovoZip

Brand: FGİ

The self-repairing SpeedRoller NovoZip is the ideal solution for openings of up to 20.25 m2 and intensive use. The self-repairing operation of the self-lubricating track reduces interruptions and ensures minimum delay in the production process. The NovoZip is intended as a fast, user-friendly room divider and provides very good draught exclusion and climate control. This results in significant energy savings.

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Supermarkets, food industry, laboratories, light industry

• WIND RESISTANT up to at least 11 Bft. Class 3 according to EN12424
• SELF-REPAIRING the door curtain automatically returns into the columns after a collision
• SILENT the door curtain is manufactured in one piece and is therefore virtually noise-free
• SAFE equipped with a safety light curtain and a soft FlexEdge bottom beam as standard
• ROBUST steel guide columns guide the door curtain made of polyester-reinforced plastic fabric
• DRAUGHT PROOF the zip fastener technology ensures a good draught proofing, as does the rubber sealing.
• INSTALLATION in every passageway up to 20.25 m2 in the building and on the inside of the external facade

- ISO 9001
- EN 13241-1 compliant