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Turkish Bath Design, Project, Manufacture and Equipments

Brand: Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions

The Roman baths, one of the magnificent structures of the time, greatly influenced the bathing cultures of the Islamic civilizations that came after them, including the Ottoman Empire. The word "hamam" comes from the Arabic word "hamm", which means "to warm, to be warm" in Turkish. In addition to the widespread use of the word "hamam" today, in some regions of Anatolia, the hamam is also called "hot" or "hot". Turkish baths, one of the most important water structures that have survived to the present day, are a type of structure that emerged from the combination of Turkish bath and Anatolian bath culture. The baths, which are used as a place for socialization as well as for washing, are historically a social and cultural habit dating back to ancient times. The SPA system forms the structure of the traditional Turkish bath culture.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Hotels, resorts, thermal facilities, sports facilities, cruise ships, etc.


In the baths, it is possible to find many kinds of treatments that are not available in today's Spa. These include hot-cold water, steam, marble (stone), cleaning/purification (scrub, bubble bath, hair cleaning, etc.), body treatments (clay, moss, mud, vegetable oil and plant treatments, etc.), touching, massage ( cellulite, drainage, relaxation, treatment, etc.) can be given. As it can be understood from here, the Traditional Turkish Bath actually includes the SPA as a system.

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