Metal Coating Applications

Metal coating applications may vary depending on the region and climate conditions of the building.

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- Painted Sheet / Galvanized Coating
• Long-lasting, zinc coating does not fall off when folded and other processes
• Easy to solder and easy to paint
• It is suitable for drawing and deep drawing.
• It is fire resistant
• It is economical and practical
• Resistant to all kinds of external factors

- Copper Clamp Coating
• Clamp system roofing systems are functional and aesthetic systems that are compatible with coating materials that combine heat, sound and fire safety.
• It is long-lasting because it consists of a multi-layered system.

- Titanium Zinc Coating
• Titanium zinc coating is among the indispensable parts of modern buildings while giving life to historical buildings.
• Titanium zinc coating ranks first among roofing products in the construction sector due to its environmental friendliness and its service life of 80-100 years depending on climatic conditions.
• Thanks to the patina on the upper surface, the scratches formed on the titanium zinc are closed automatically. Confidence and comfort are at the forefront as it does not require maintenance.
• There are many application techniques, but the most preferred ones are classical, single seam, double seam, flake coating, siding printing, capped slate.