Restora Wal P Plus

Brand: Bautera

It is a transparent product for use on concrete, masonry, concrete building elements and natural stone. It can be used horizontally and vertically. It prevents the formation of stains.

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Especially on low porous surfaces, outdoors etc. It is suitable for imparting water repellent properties to mineral building materials..

• It penetrates the applied surface and forms a permanent bond with the surface as a result of chemical reaction
• In addition, with its oil repellent feature, it is resistant to the penetration of engine oil, grease, transmission fluid, diesel fuel and other automotive fluids to the surface
• It also prevents staining caused by food products such as mustard, ketchup, milk, wine, beer and beverages
• It prevents the entry of water and pollutants dissolved in the water to the surface and creates a deep hydrophobic layer
• It is breathable and does not change the natural appearance of the surface it is applied to