Waterproofing Material | Weathercoat 571

Weathercoat 571 is a two-component, cement-based, capillary crystalline waterproof coating suitable for use in areas with harsh climatic conditions. Weathercoat 571 is designed to withstand both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.

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It is designed to withstand both positive and negative water pressure. It is suitable for areas such as water tanks and reservoirs, water transport and irrigation channels, floors, car parking foundation flooring, walls and floors, retaining walls and swimming pools.

• Easy to apply,
• Adheres perfectly to all old and new surfaces,
• It has unique crystallizing capillary filling feature,
• Resistant to both positive and negative water pressure,
• Vapor permeable,
• It does not contain toxic substances.

ISO 9001-ISO 14001, TS EN 14891, TS EN 1504-2