Cuboseal BT 2K

Brand: CUBO

CuboSeal BT 2K is a two-component, rubber-bitumen based, solvent-free and fiber-added waterproofing product.

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It is applied on concrete, plaster and screed, plastered brick wall, bituminous membrane, bitumen, asphalt, bitumen paper, metal, wood, OSB, various plastics (GRP, PVC etc.), gas concrete, asbestos cement board and cement particle boards and the like.

• It has high elasticity and crack covering capacity.
• It does not contain solvents or harmful substances, it is ecological.
• Jointless, jointless coating is done.
• It has high adhesion strength.
• It provides absolute insulation against soil moisture, humidity, water and pressurized water.
• Resistant to chlorine, sulfate, salt solutions, weak acids and substances found in normal soil.
• Resistant to freeze-thaw cycle.