PANDOMO Studio System

Brand: ARDEX

Pandomo® Studio, newly developed by ARDEX for decorative floor and wall coverings, makes natural-looking spaces that have always been dreamed come true.

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All interiors

• Natural and aesthetic concrete appearance
• Can be colored
• Using the same product on the wall and on the floor
• Thin coating thickness, only 1.5mm
• High strength
• Fast and short time to use
• Used in new and renovation projects
• Used indoors
• Not used outdoors and in wet places.
• Concrete, cementitious and calcium sulfate screed, gypsum plaster, plasterboard, ceramic tiles, water-resistant paints, water-resistant textured wallpaper, etc. Can be applied on various substrates.

System components;
- PANDOMO® EP Epoxy Primer,
- PANDOMO® Studio Topcoat Plaster,
- Polyurethane Protective Layer,
- PANDOMO® SP-GS semi-matt or PANDOMO® SP-MS matte varnish,
- Consists of PANDOMO® SP-BC or PANDOMO® SP-CR cleaning and care product.