Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Device | BroadBand Pro

Brand: Bird-X

The BroadBand Pro bird repeller includes three visual bird repellents as well as a programmable sonic / ultrasonic device to hive birds. You can survive even the most stubborn bird invasions with this versatile and advanced device. The ultrasonic / sonic device emits bird cry, raptor sounds, general harassment sounds and emits them ultrasonically with a deterrent combination specific to bird species.

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Especially designed for open areas, the product can also be used effectively in many places such as parks, fields, warehouses, hangars, garages, barns, parking lots, airports, large building roofs.

• Bird repellent BroadBand Pro can be operated ultrasonically and sonically at full capacity according to the desired effect area or only ultrasonic option can be used when necessary.
• With the electronic control box, a flexible protection area can be created with four separate speakers and 30 meters of cable for each speaker.
• Sound level, transition time between sounds, working hours, random or sequential sound transitions can be adjusted according to need.
• Dimensions: Control unit 23x23x13 cm, Speakers 10x10x 15 cm
• Speakers: 8 ohms, 30 watts
• Weight: 7,3 kg
• Speaker Cable Length: 30 Meters for 1 Speaker
• Area of ​​Influence: Ultrasonic (SILENT): 1.500 m² - Sonic (SOUND): 24.280 m²
• Electric connection: 220 V AC
• Sound intensity: Ultrasonic sound 95-102 dB (per speaker) @ 1 m. Sonic 105-110 dB (per speaker) @ 1 m
• Frequency: Ultrasonic 15-25 KHz, Sonic 3-5 KHz
• Conformity: UL and CE - EPA Est. 075130-OR-001
• Warranty: 2 Years
• Origin: USA