Two Component Crystallized Elastic Waterproofing Mortar

Brand: İzoseal 2K+

Full elastic waterproofing and concrete protection mortar consisting of emulsion polymer based liquid component, cement based powder component containing chemical additives increasing water impermeability and workability, which can be applied internally (negative) and externally (positive) against leakage and surface water

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Wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, WCs, terraces and balconies, drinking water tanks, foundation and curtain walls, tunnels, swimming pools, lift wells, brine and fish breeding ponds, spas, concrete, plaster and screed surfaces such as negative and It is used in waterproofing in positive direction.

Application temperature: (+ 5 ° C) - (+ 35 ° C)
Consumption (for 1 mm thickness): 1.4 kg / m²
Container life: 45 min.
Crack bridging (EN 1062-7) (21ºC):> 0.75 mm
Crack bridging - Meshed application (EN 1062-7) (21ºC):> 2.50 mm
Capillary water absorption value (EN 1062-3): <0.1 kg / m²h0,5

According to EN 14891 and EN 1504-2
Hacettepe University BS 6920 standard in accordance with the report of drinking water contact.