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Setting BIM Documents and Project Standards

Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers many promises; Increases ROI by allowing you to make better design decisions, build more efficiently, and protect portfolios of buildings more effectively. Every organization needs to define its own path to BIM and we can help you get there. Our BIM consultant team can create a customized set of BIM documents for you by bringing our extensive industry knowledge and tailoring it to your specific needs. Our custom BIM Documents become the backbone of your BIM implementation, ensuring consistency across processes and deliveries, both within the organization and among your external stakeholders.

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About the Product
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Who Is It Ideal For?
• Public institutions that manage or lease buildings
• General and local government agencies
• School, college and university campuses with portfolios of buildings to manage commercial property management companies
• Builders, general contractors and subcontractors involved in BIM projects
• Architects, engineers and consultants who want to meet their requirements and make better deliveries


BIM Documents clearly define both what will come out of the BIM process and the processes established for all stakeholders and the work to be done on the project. These documents are critical in ensuring consistency and standardization, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The CADBIM scenario book includes:

• The BIM Requirements Document defines your specific shipping and modeling requirements, including level of detail (LOD). Typically, these documents are used as cross-contracts to follow your BIM processes, adding additional contract language and requirements for project contracts.
• The BIM Project Execution Plan is a workbook template that shows project-specific information about key stakeholders, project phases, who will model what, to what level of detail, and by when.
• The Executive Summary Presentation is planned to assist your Institution's internal training.

• Return on Investment - Clear, detailed BIM Documentation provides a return on investment from your first successful project.
• Consistency - Helps ensure that the design, construction and operations teams are all using predetermined processes.
• Standardization - Clearly defined standards for how both graphs and data should be modeled are important.
• Clear and Communicative Expectations - A clear set of BIM documents minimizes rework and communication-related downtime on the project.
• Quality (QA-QC) - The CADBIM Scenario book assures quality from the start of a project and includes established processes to control that quality throughout the life of the project.
• Long Term Availability - Detailed BIM Documentation lets you build a library of standard, consistent models when you're ready to take the next step in your BIM evolution.