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About the Product
1Application Area

It is used as light filling material in reinforced concrete pavers.
Asmolen improves building comfort by providing sound and heat insulation in the floors. It does not create wastage in application due to its easily cut structure. Asmolen does not fill the concrete due to its gap-free structure and provides concrete savings of up to 15% in slabs. Thanks to the smooth surface formed in the flooring, 30-40% plaster saving can also be achieved.


Aerated Concrete


• Width: 40 or 50 cm
• Height: 50 or 60 cm
• Thickness: 20 - 45 cm
• Thermal conductivity calculation value: 0,09 WmK
• Fire resistance class: A1 class "does not burn at all"
• Mineral and recyclable

4Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE K 108
National Technical Approval Certificates