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Two Component Structural Wall Silicone | SSG 4400 Ultra Glaze

SSG4400 Ultra Glaze is a high modulus, neutral, two-component elastomeric structural silicone adhesive used in curtain walls.

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About the Product
1Application Area

SSG4400 is suitable for use in structural glazing applications.


• SSG4400 UltraGlaze is designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
• Adheres securely to many surfaces without primer (the surface must be tested).
• High strength,
• Primerless adhesion
• Easy to apply
• Fast curing and strength building
• Packaging: SSG4400 A (Base - White) - SSG4400 B (Catalyst - Black)
• SSG4400 UltraGlaze is also available in 2-piece / 380 ml cartridges for field use or repair applications.
• Curing occurs when the SSG4400B catalyst is mixed with the SSG4400A.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

It complies with America (ASTM), Europe (EOTA) norms.

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