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About the Company

kibrID has existed to oppose the typical / uniform understanding of space and design in living spaces and to create sincere and personal environments. He based his discourse on understanding the human being and reflecting him to the places he lives in. kibrID offers many different possibilities for those who want to discover themselves and add subjectivity to their surroundings. In kibrID, the artificiality of matter combines and shapes with the naturalness of the individual. "
Since 2008, kibrID MATERIAL has been representing many brands that have attracted international attention with its visual and technical features. Showcase; Updating every day with a researcher, selective, innovative and environmentalist approach, kibrID MATERIAL is able to offer designers solutions in many different areas such as floor, wall and ceiling coating products, as well as multi-purpose decorative panels, dividers, acoustic surfaces, lighting elements.

kibrID MATERIAL Products


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