Sikalastic®835 I

Brand: Sika

Two-component spray-applied pure polyurea membrane with high chemical and mechanical strength

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It can be used in new projects and renovation projects. It can be used on existing bituminous membranes, terraces, deck bridges and tunnels, metal and concrete water structures.

Two-component, elastic, 100% solid, very fast curing pure polyurea membrane.
• It can only be applied with a machine.
• Cures very quickly, has high elasticity.
• Easy detail application even with limited transitions.
• It has good crack bridging properties.
• It is well resistant to many chemicals.
• It has a total solid component without VOC.
• It is suitable for many surfaces and is an excellent anti corrosion coating.

* EN1504-2 CE marking.
* Fire reaction class (EN13823): Class E
* UV Test (ASTM G 53)
* Slip coefficient (B.C.R.A. Method - D.M. 14/06/1989 No.236 Art: 8.2.2)
* CE