Sikaflex®Pro 3

Brand: Sika

High performance joint sealant that can be used in floor and construction joint applications

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It can be used in movement and joint joints on floors, pedestrian and vehicle traffic (eg parking lots, sidewalks, etc.), warehouses and production areas, floors such as the food industry, between public area ceramics, and floor joints in tunnel constructions.

• Elastic joint filling sealant with i-Cure® technology, polyurethane, one component, moisture curing, high mechanical and chemical resistance.
• Resistant to jet fuel.
• It has ± 35% movement capacity.
• Cured without bubble formation.
• Does not contain solvent, has very low emulsion.
• It adheres very well to many building materials.

* EN 15651-4 PW EXT-INT CC 25 HM
* ISO 11600 F 25 HM
* ASTM C 920, class 35
* Has ISEGA certification for use in food related areas
* BS 6920 (contact with drinking water)
* ASTM C 1248 no sag on marble
* ISO 16938-1 does not sag on marble
* CSM TVOC tested (ISO-6.8)
* CSM biological resistance: very good
* Resistant to waste water according to DIBt rules.
* It is resistant to diesel and jet fuels according to DIBt rules.
▪ LEED v4 EQc 2: Low-Emitting Materials