Sikacryl®-624 Fire

Brand: Sika

Fireproof acrylic joint sealant / coating for floor and wall intersections

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It is used for fire resistance of gaps and joints at floor and wall intersections.

• One component acrylic joint sealant / coating used at floor and wall intersections with rock wool support for wide joints.
• It can be applied by pouring, brush or spray.
• If used in combination with stone wool, it provides acoustic insulation and fire resistance up to 3 hours.

* CE Mark and European Technical Assessment Declaration of Performance according to ETA 18/1050, EAD 350141-00-1106: 2017 - Firestop and fire insulation products, linear joints and hollow areas
* Fire Resistance Performance Classification EN 13501-2, Sikacryl®-624 Fire, warringtonfire, Classification Report No. 401159 / C
* Fire Sealants for Fire Stop EN 1366-4, EN 13501-2, ETAG 026-3, Sikacryl®-624 Fire, UL, Certificate No. UL-EU-01092-CPR
* Fire Board Corners Linear Joints EN 1366-4, Sikacryl ®-624 Fire, warringtonfire, Approval No. CF 5716