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Sika®CureHard LI

Brand: Sika

Lithium silicate based anti-dust with strong shine.

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Concrete surface hardener Surface hardening liquid Concrete polishing Floor coverings
About the Product
1Application Area

Parking lots, hospitals, office buildings, etc. It can be used in reinforced concrete floors of buildings.


• It is a one-component water-based, lithium silicate-based liquid surface hardener that provides additional curing and coating of polished or abraded existing concrete.
• It reduces dusting and increases abrasion resistance.
• It has a glossy finish, it is also used for concrete polishing.
• Easy to clean.
• It is solvent free.
• It is suitable to be used indoors and outdoors.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

* Institut Pro Testování a Certifikaci Test report
* According to the EU-Directive 2004/42, the maximum allowed content of volatile organic compound (VOC) in the ready-to-use product (Product category IIA / h type wb) is 30 g / l (2010 limits). In the ready-to-use form of Sikafloor®-CureHard LI, the maximum VOC content is <30 g / l.
* CE

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