Sika®Grout®42 T

Brand: Sika

3-component epoxy resin casting mortar (Grout)

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It can be applied on concrete, stone, mortar, steel, aluminum, asbestos cement, polyester, wood and epoxy based materials. It is used as a structural adhesive in rebar sprout planting, anchorage works, support and fasteners. It is used as a casting mortar in fixing roadside barriers, support plates, mechanical joints of bridges in machine foundations, bridge supports. It can also be used for rail mounting on crane / crane rails, tunnels and bridges.

• It is a solvent-free, 3-component casting mortar consisting of specially graded aggregates and high-strength epoxy resins. When mixed, a fluid, self-leveling epoxy casting mortar (grout) is obtained.
• Good fluidity even in thin thicknesses.
• It does not shrink.
• It hardens fast.
• It can be applied on slightly damp but not wet surfaces.

* Meets EN 1504-6 requirements
* CE certification