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Dear Users/Members,

Please read carefully all the articles contained in this membership agreement (Agreement) before you participate the Building Catalog membership system (Building Catalog Membership System). To approve the Agreement, fill in the relevant sections of the membership screen. Following the membership approval, the Building Catalog will create a secure user account in your name. The completion of your Building Catalog subscription and the creation of your subscriber account (Building Catalog Subscription) means that you have read and approved all the materials covered by this Agreement and that you have agreed to the contractual validity. This Agreement shall take effect electronically and on mutual basis between you and the Building Catalog, upon completion of your registration of the Building Catalog Membership, and the creation of your Building Catalog Membership account. You will be responsible for all actions you will take along with the entry into force of the Agreement. You will be responsible for all actions you undertake after the Agreement has entered into force.



BUILDING CATALOG Sites, Practices and Services are as follows:


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Building Catalog Android App



1.1. You, the Member; You must accept the terms of this Agreement in order to benefit from the possibilities offered in the Building Catalog and to access the content that is accessible only through membership like specially crafted advertisements and other opportunities.

The Building Catalog will not charge you under any circumstances with respect to your Building Catalog Subscription. The Building Catalog allows you to access the Building Catalog with the Building Catalog Membership. It guarantees that your personal information will be kept safe. Please read "BUILDING CATALOG MEMBERSHIP AND PRIVACY POLICY" (Article 5) regarding how the information you shared with the Building Catalog within the scope of the Building Catalog Membership will be kept and within what framework it will be used.

1.2. Bulletin subscriptions created with the contents of the sites mentioned above are free. Bulletins regularly provide you the news, announcements, and any textual and visual content with e-mails that the Building Catalog gathers together about its services. The Building Catalog Membership System is an indispensable part of the Building Catalog which is used to access the Building Catalog.

1.3. The Building Catalog reserves the right to change the services, the contents of the Building Catalog, the advantages and the rights, and the contents of the sites mentioned above when deemed necessary. The Building Catalog also reserves the right to update the services offered free of charge, in whole or in part, as a paid service.

1.4. By being a part to the Agreement, you agree to accept and undertake the Building Catalog and the services provided by the Building Catalog Membership System so will not constitute a contradiction to the regarding legislation of the Republic of Turkey and all international agreements if implemented. You hereby accept and undertake not to harm any third party (including, without limitation, other Members) with your actions and / or transactions. If the Building Catalog imposes an indemnification liability against any third person (including, without limitation, other Members) because of your actions and transactions, you accept and undertake to indemnify all amounts that you; the Member of Building Catalog will have to pay.

1.5. You, the Member; agree to indemnify any and all damages you incur if you inflict damage to the corporate identity of the Building Catalog, the Building Catalog, and the content of the Building Catalog Membership System.



2.1. Building Catalog does not take responsibility for service interruptions and failures related to the Building Catalog and Building Catalog Membership System, but minimizes possible losses (These include, but are not limited to: natural hazards, social events, network anomalies, closure due to pirate attacks, technology updates, government control, and other issues that may arise since it is a commercial platform).

2.2. Building Catalog has the right to remove any of the content uploaded by members which are against to the relevant legislation, the institutional identity of the Building Catalog and this Agreement, if there is. This right of the Building Catalog can in no way be construed as an obligation of the Building Catalog. In case it is deemed necessary and in case of an unlawful transaction, the Building Catalog Membership will be terminated. The Member may be deprived of any paid and/or free benefits and advantages benefited through accessing to the Building Catalog. Members are entirely responsible for the content they provided in accordance with the "content provider" obligations laid down in the Law No. 5651. The Building Catalog does not have the duty to supervise or edit the contents of the subject matter, and has no responsibility for the content. The Building Catalog serves only as a "location provider" in this service, which is defined in the Law No. 5651. Any criminal and civil liability arising out of such content shall belong to the Member. Furthermore, the liability arising out of the given damages of these contents to the third persons and the Building Catalog belongs totally to the Members (the content provider).

2.3. The Building Catalog assumes no responsibility for the validity, correctness, continuity and up-to-dateness of the information uploaded through the Building Catalog and the Building Catalog Membership System. The Member's perception and acceptance of knowledge is seen as his own responsibility.

2.4. The Building Catalog does not guarantee the accuracy or the up-to-dateness of the information provided by the registered companies (Registered Company) in the Building Catalog or by the companies themselves and the information provided about the third persons (company, brand, product, technical information, additional documents, pictures, etc.). The Building Catalog shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the Members in the light of this information.

2.5. The Building Catalog has no responsibility for the information collected by demand of the Registered Firms and by the approval of the Members within the content provided by the Registered Firms in the Building Catalog. In cases where information is collected in this way, it is also notified to the Members that this information is collected by the Registered Firms and that the Building Catalog has no responsibility for this information.

2.6. Members can participate in questionnaires in the Building Catalog, send news, comment on existing news, and register for participation in events organized by the Building Catalog. The Building Catalog reserves the right to check the news and comments posted by you/Member before the publication, to not to publish any legal or proprietary communications or disclosures that are contrary to general morality, insulting news or comments, personal information about others or trade secrets or spam, or to delete them after publication.



3.1. All disputes arising out of the interpretation or application of this Agreement will be resolved in accordance with the Turkish material provisions (except for laws of conflict), irrespective of the Member’s company center, the servers of the company, the internet protocol number of the computer accessed to the Building Catalog Membership, and/or the physical location of the connection point.

3.2. All disputes arising out of the interpretation or application of this Agreement shall firstly be tried to be settled by mutual negotiation. If the disputes cannot be resolved by negotiation, the competent jurisdiction shall be "ISTANBUL Central Courts and Execution Offices".



4.1. The Building Catalog has the intellectual property right on the know-how of all the content regarding the functioning of the sites in the Building Catalog, (including but not limited to) all designs, drawings, sketches, photographs, illustrations, trademarks. Any use of such materials connected to intellectual property rights without the expressed permission of the Building Catalog is prohibited. In a case that any of the elements covered by the intellectual property rights of the Building Catalog are used in whole or in part without permission, The Building Catalog reserves the right to be present in all kinds of civil and criminal proceedings with respect to the said unauthorized use.

4.2. Intellectual property rights of all kinds of designs, drawings, sketches, photographs, illustrations, brands etc. shared by the Registered Firms in the Building Catalog are reserved by the Registered Firms. The Building Catalog shall not be liable if any of the elements under the intellectual property rights are used in whole or in part by third parties and/or other Members without permission.



The confidentiality of all information entered in the Building Catalog Membership System is secured under the terms of this Agreement. When you/member read, confirm and become a Member of the Building Catalog, you consent to the collection of your personal information by the Building Catalog and use of it in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement (Privacy Policy).

5.1. Our Privacy Policy and principles guarantee our Member’s individual rights. When you share information with us (for example by creating a Building Catalog Membership record), we may be able to show you more relevant search results and advertisements by making our services and products better for you.  We can help you connect with other Members and we can provide you faster and easier sharing with others, with Registered Firms and/or with the firms/organizations/institutions that Building Catalog organize events together or on behalf of.

5.2. Your name and e-mail address entered during the Building Catalog Membership registration process must be accurate and true. Because it is necessary for us to reach you, to inform you about the opportunities so that you can benefit from the campaigns. In addition it is necessary for approval of membership in the Building Catalog in many of our services. The accuracy condition shall be sought in cases where the Members may have a material or moral advantage and/or right through the correctness of the names and surnames. Our Members are responsible for the loss of rights due to personal information which has been reported incorrectly/incompletely intentionally or unintentionally. No liability can be placed on the Building Catalog in this regard.

5.2.1. Information collected by the Building Catalog: Consists of basic information like the language you are using or browser information, as well as a variety of information like which products you visit in the Building Catalog, which news you find useful, or which events you registered for, etc. We are collecting this information to provide better service to our Members.

We gather information in two ways:

a. The information you give us: For example, most of our services require you to create a Building Catalog Membership Registration. When you do this, we'll ask you for personal information like your name, e-mail address, phone number, postal address.

b. Information we collect after you use our services: We can gather information about the services you use and how you use them. For example; information we collect when you visit the Building Catalog or view our advertisements/contents. This information may include:

Logging information: When you use our services or view the content provided by the Building Catalog, we may automatically collect certain information and store it in the server logs. These may include:

  • Details on how you use our service (e.g. your search queries)
  • Internet protocol address,
  • A variety of cookies that can uniquely identify your browser or Building Catalog Account.

Cookies and anonymous identifiers: We use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit the Building Catalog. This may also include sending one or more cookies or an anonymous identifier to your device. We also use cookies and anonymous identifiers when you interact with news, content, ads, opportunities, products and services that appear on our other sites.

5.2.2. We use the information we collect to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services, develop new services, and protect both the Building Catalog and our Members. We also use this information to provide you exclusive content, such as more relevant news content, search results, products, advertisements and opportunities. We can use the name you mentioned for your membership for all our services. Once you have contacted the Building Catalog, we can keep a record of all your communications to help you resolve any issues you may be experiencing. We may use your e-mail address to inform you about our services, such as notifying you of any changes or improvements about our services. We use information gathered from cookies and other technologies, such as pixel tags, to improve your user experience and the overall quality of our services. We do not associate any cookie or anonymous identifier with sensitive categories such as race, religion, sexual orientation or health status when displaying customized ads, products and opportunities. We will first ask for your permission to use the information for purposes other than those specified in this Privacy Policy document.

5.3. The personal information entered by the users will not be opened to other members of the Building Catalog without the user's permission. However, this information may be used in its own form to determine the customer profile by the business partners authorized by the Building Catalog, within the framework and knowledge of the Building Catalog. This profile can be used for marketing and/or promotional purposes by the Building Catalog for commercial and non-commercial purposes. The Building Catalog links to other sites. In this respect, the Building Catalog is not responsible for any damages that the Member may suffer on sites accessed via the link from the Building Catalog.

5.3.1. Information we share: We do not share personal information with companies, organizations or persons outside the Building Catalog. Any of the following conditions are exceptions to this rule:

a. If you allow us: We will share your personal information with companies, organizations or people outside the Building Catalog, if you allow us to do so.

b. For legal reasons: We share personal information with companies, organizations or persons and/or organizations outside the Building Catalog in the following situations. We need to believe that we have access to information and that our use, protection or disclosure of information is reasonably necessary.

  • In order to meet applicable laws, regulations, requests from legal process or official authorities,
  • In order to apply the current service terms, including investigating potential violations,
  • In order to detect, prevent or solve fraud, security issues and technical problems,
  • In order to protect the Building Catalog’s, Members’ and public rights, property or safety as required or permitted by law.

c. When you want to get information about the companies in the Building Catalog company index or their products: When you want to get information about a company or its product in the Building Catalog company index through the information channels on the site, we share your information with the relevant company.

We can share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information (anonymized personal data) publicly and with our partners (such as publishers, advertisers, or linked sites). For example, we can share information with everyone to show trends in the overall use of our services. If the Building Catalog merges with another company, purchases a company or sales it’s assets, we continue to maintain the confidentiality of personal information. We will notify affected Members before they are transferred or are subject to a different privacy policy.

5.4. Member's e-mail address is not distributed to any other organization in any way (Except for the exceptional cases mentioned in Article 5.3.1). Only Members can access the membership information of the Building Catalog that the member has entered into the system and can make changes. It is not possible for another Member (unless the Member permits) to access and change the Member's information.

5.4.1. Accessing and updating your personal information: We intend to ensure that you access your personal information whenever you use our services. If this information is not correct, we will make a great effort to make you update or delete them quickly (if we do not need to keep them for a valid or legal purpose related to the business). When updating your personal information, we may ask you to verify your identity before we can fulfill your request. We reject requests that are repeated at an unreasonable level or requiring disproportionate technical effort (e.g.developing a new system or significantly changing the current use). We may refuse requests that risk the privacy of others or are otherwise extremely difficult (e.g. requests related to information on backup tapes). When we have the ability to access and correct information, we will do so free of charge, except for those which need disproportionate efforts. We try to manage our services in a way that protects them from accidental or vicious destruction.

5.5. Information security: We try to protect the Building Catalog and our Members from unauthorized access to information we store or from unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of information we store. Especially:

  • In order to provide protection to unauthorized access to systems, we take physical security precautions, observe our information gathering, storage and processing practices and procedures.
  • We limit access to personal information with Building Catalog employees, subcontractors, and intermediaries who need to know this information to process them for us. These persons are subject to very strict obligations with respect to confidentiality. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in disciplinary action or termination of the agreement.

5.5.1. Scope of validity: Our Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by the Building Catalog and its affiliates. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to services provided by other companies and individuals, including products or sites that may be shown to you in search results, sites that contain Building Catalog services, or other sites linked to from our services. In this context, our Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected by companies registered on yapikatalogu.com. Our Privacy Policy does not cover information practices of other companies and organizations that use cookies, pixel tags, and other technologies to advertise our services and provide relevant ads.

5.5.2. Execution: We regularly review whether the Privacy Policy is followed or not. When we receive formal written complaints, we contact the complainant to follow up. We accept and commit to work with the competent Turkish authorities in order to resolve all complaints that we cannot directly solve with our Members regarding the transfer of personal data.

5.5.3. Amendments: Our Privacy Policy may change over time. We do not restrict your rights under this Privacy Policy without explicitly obtaining your consent. We publish changes on this page. We provide a more prominent notice (such as an email notification of changes to the Privacy Policy for specific services) in case of substantial changes.

5.6. You can contact [email protected] for membership cancellation. You also have the right to unsubscribe individually from newsletter memberships you have registered on the Building Catalog Membership screen. Following your cancellation, all information except the anonymized information registered in the Building Catalog membership system will be removed.

5.7. General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) Additional Article:

The Building Catalog Web Site makes it possible for Visitors and Members to communicate via the request forms filled in by the Visitors and submitted to the Member Company.

In order to benefit from the services provided by Building Catalog, Visitors and Member Companies must transmit Personal Data collected, processed and protected in accordance with the current Privacy Policy. The Building Catalog is dedicated to presenting its services in accordance with the current regulations and in the context of the optimized Personal Data.

Request forms for "Getting Price", "Asking Questions" and "Requesting Documents"

Required Fields: Required information that visitors are expected to fill in in the "Detailed Information Request Forms" are: name, e-mail address, city, project description for the professional visitor and company name.

Optional: The visitor may also provide the following data: telephone number, company type, business sector, website, (desired product type, quantity, decision date, budget and delivery location).

The Building Catalog also has the following data:

  • Visitor's identity
  • The date the form was created and the date the request was submitted
  • Buyer’s identity, buyer's e-mail address.

Newsletter Subscription Form

The information requested on the newsletter subscription page is the e-mail address.


The visitor can create a membership page by providing his/her e-mail address and password (mandatory).

With this membership page, Visitor can make product selection and receive a collective offer by registering the project names to the Architect's Panel.

This account allows the Visitor to manage Personal Data, newsletter subscription preferences, favorites and access requests made on the Website.

Objective: The provision of these Personal Data by the Visitor is required in order to make the Building Catalog Editor be able to respond to the requests and demands of the Visitors and to provide access to the Member Company in the name of Visitors. Provision of this information also allows the Building Catalog Editor to manage the Visitor registration, track the relationship with the Visitor, and fulfill legal obligations, if necessary. Any Visitor who does not want to provide the required information cannot be found in a demand, receive information or create an account.

Member Companies: Member companies should provide the following information: Company name, business sector, authorized person’s last name & name, phone number and e-mail address. For the subscription of companies The Building Catalog Editor also collects relevant subscription, payment and billing data.

Objective: Provision of these Personal Data will ensure that the Building Catalog Editor will serve to Member Companies, report Visitor's requests to Member Company and track commercial and contractual relationships. Any Member Company that does not wish to provide the necessary information may not appear on the Web Site and/or may not be able to access the services of the Building Catalog Editor.

How are Personal Data processed?

Personal Data shall be processed electronically by the Member Company/Companies to which Personal Data is sent, for the Building Catalog Editor and the Visitors, for the purposes set out above.

The Building Catalog Editor undertakes not to use them in any other context or not to transmit them to third parties except as indicated below or with the permission of the relevant Visitors or Member Company.

The Personal Data of the Visitor who has made a request from the Member Company through a form relating to any product shall be transferred to each Member Company. Member Companies will be able to communicate directly with the Visitor. The Visitor sends the Personal Data (surname, first name, e-mail address and any relevant phone number, if any) to the Member Company at his/her own responsibility.

The Building Catalog Editor may navigate and forward Personal Data of Member Companies to third parties such as the judicial or public authority, or a judicial or administrative authority, only in response to a legal obligation, for example, to respond to complaints about information and content that may infringe third party rights.

The Personal Data may be forwarded by the Building Catalog Editor only to the specific service provider personnel or suppliers for the purposes set out above. The Building Catalog Editor will take all measures that require compliance with the applicable regulations of the buyer in this way and will undertake, where possible, that all transfers will be adequately protected or adequately secured. The suppliers of the Building Catalog are authorized to process Personal Data only in accordance with the Editor's instructions.

Conservation and archiving: Personal Data about Visitors and Member Companies are kept for evaluation purposes for file management and archived for a maximum of 5 years. The Building Catalog Editor undertakes to make reasonable efforts to store and archive these Personal Data in accordance with applicable technical requirements and applicable provisions, under appropriate security conditions.

Rights that include Reported Personal Data: Any person who transmits Personal Data to the Publisher has the following rights on this data:

  • The Right to access and correction
  • The right to delete data, the right to limit transactions, and the right to object to action in cases provided by the present regulations.

These rights can be sent via e-mail to [email protected] These rights should be used under the conditions stipulated by the relevant regulations. In particular, a copy of the identity document of the applicant will be requested in order to prove his identity to the Building Catalog Editor to prevent such unauthorized access to Personal Data.

Digital Bulletins of the Building Catalog: The Personal Data transmitted by the Visitor or the Member Company may also be used by the Building Catalog Editor to send informational e-mails to both parties regarding Member Companies and products, or Building Catalog products and services. Any person has the right to appeal the retrieval of informational e-mails from the Building Catalog at any time.



6.1. Building Catalog can send product promotions covered by your interests through your home page in the Building Catalog or via e-mail, using the information provided in the 'BUILDING CATALOG MEMBERSHIP AND PRIVACY POLICY' (Article 5).

6.2. The Building Catalog can also send product announcements via SMSs to members within the members' interests.

6.3. In any case that Members do not want to receive an e-mail or any message regarding the promotion of a specific product, the Building Catalog stops sending promotions after the notification.

You can also contact us at +90 (212) 233 42 50 or/and [email protected] for your questions and instructions.