Sikacrete®-630 Fire

Brand: Sika

Fire-resistant mortar with load bearing properties for use in penetrations (pipes, cable passages)

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It is used to cover the flammable or non-flammable vertical pipes and cable passages on the walls and floors of the fire compartment.

• It is a gypsum-based, load-bearing mortar used to cover penetrations on floors and walls (pipe, cable passages).
• It has excellent load carrying properties.
• It can be applied up to 1.8x1.8m openings.
• It can be applied by trowel or pouring.
• It does not shrink.
• It has a fire resistance of up to 2 hours.

* CE Marking and Declaration of Performance to European Technical Assessment ETA 18/1053, based on EAD 350454-00-1104: 2017 - Fire stopping and fire sealing products, penetration seals
* VOC emission classification GEV-EMICODE EC 1PLUS
* LEED v4 EQc 2: Low-Emitting Materials compliance