SikaSeal®-627 Fire Collar

Brand: Sika

Fire resistant pipe clamp

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Used in service openings in floors or walls containing metal, plastic or composite pipes / pipes.

• It is a pre-prepared (ready-to-use) pipe clamp that contains intumescent (swelling) strips for external metal, used in indoor and outdoor penetration joints.
• Suitable for 32-250mm diameter pipes.
• It has high intumescent feature.
• It has a fire resistance of up to 4 hours.
• Easy to apply - one component - 3 fixing holes for each size.

* CE Mark and European Technical Assessment Declaration of Performance according to ETA 18/1047, EAD 350454-00-1104: 2017 - Firestop and fire insulation products, penetration joints
* Fire Clamps for Fire Protection EN 1366-3, SikaSeal ®-627 Fire Collar, warringtonfire, Approval No. CF 5714
* Fire Clamps for Fire Stop EN 1366-3, EN 13501-1, EN 13501-2, ETAG 026-2, SikaSeal®-627 Fire Collar, UL, Certificate No. UL-EU-01094-CPR
* Fire Resistance Performance Classification EN 13501-2, SikaSeal®-627 Fire Collar, warringtonfire, Classification Report No. 401159 / E