SikaCeram 205 Flexiplus

Brand: Sika

High performance cement based ceramic adhesive

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* For all types of ceramics; even large sizes of grease porcelain
* Bonding natural stones and marbles that are not sensitive to water
* Indoor walls and floors, outdoor floors
* On floors with water-based underfloor heating systems
* Bonding ceramic on old ceramics indoors
* Requiring high performance; swimming pool, industrial and floors with high traffic volume
* It is used for bonding thermal insulation panels such as polystyrene, polyurethane foam, glass wool and rock wool.

• High performance, flexible, cement-based adhesive mortar used in bonding ceramic with thin bed method, ready to use by adding water.
• C2TE is S1 class.
• High performance, S1 class flexible (2.5mm transverse deformation) ceramic adhesive.
• It saves time and labor.
• Provides high adhesion strength on non-absorbent porcelain ceramics.

Compliance tests for CE classification - TEBAR, Turkey Report no. CPD-PTD / R16-19, Sika Ceram®-205 Flexiplus