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Dezinti Design Consultancy is a PR / Marketing / Communication Consultancy Agency that provides solution partnership to the Promotion – Marketing – Communication teams of the building sector companies with 20 years experience and database power in Architecture and Building Sector.

We offer projects and boutique services that will bring building material companies, designers, architects, interior architects, building professionals, employers and contractors together with our efficient and experienced team of architects, designers, software and marketing consultants; and with the steps that can be followed on an annual calendar, we transform your company to a top and innovative dimension in your own sub-sector.

  • To determine the marketing agenda and schedule of building materials companies and to provide strategic planning and marketing and brand awareness consultancy,
  • The compilation of the developments that occupy the architecture, design and building sector agenda and the public opinion, the creation of forward-looking clues, sectoral interpretations and analyzes,
  • To organize events (opening, collection presentation, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.), publicity and PR activities, execution of visitor organizations for sector professionals (architects, real estate authorities, etc.), which constitute the target groups of companies,
  • Execution of strategic planning studies including research and competitor analysis in a wide range of sectors,
  • Implementation of marketing process consultancy (which channels should be used for promotion, launch and sales, supporting education, activity and sponsorship studies, organization of company identity, formation of relationship with product etc.)
  • Collaboration with designers and producers; providing solutions from different designers and offering solutions based on design to the firm,
  • Providing collaborations with visual art formations, cultural institutions, specialist and pioneer print publications and organizations in the sector,
  • Providing services on shadow authoring, graphic design, web design and architectural / product photography.


Birgül Yavuz Altın

Birgül Yavuz AltınSector Consultant
ITU Faculty of Architecture, Architecture (BS), ITU Institute of Science and Technology, Building Information (MS)
In her 20 years of career life, she worked as a senior executive at the The Building Information Centre (YEM) for 15 years, and established and developed digital publications such as,,, important sectoral publications such as the Turkish Construction Sector Report, and the digital interface of She has created, studied and developed important projects in the field of Building and Architecture for years. She also managed and developed the documentation and databases in the field of building. She supports design in this huge sector and develops promotion and marketing services to the building professionals.
Anıl Kaygusuz

Anıl KaygusuzBuilding Catalog Content Manager
Dokuz Eylül Uni. Faculty of Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning (BS), ITU Institute of Science and Technology, Urban Planning (MS)
Developed researchs, sectoral reports and market researchs for the construction sector. She carried out projects on databases and classification of information. In the Research Department of The Building Information Center which she managed for 5 years, she wrote and developed one of the sector’s most important publications “Turkish Construction Sector Report”. Detail and exactness expert and follower of every subject related to the city.
Şengül Has

Şengül HasEvents Manager
MEF University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Architecture
She graduated from MEF University with a High Honour Degree in 2018. She has been a part of the design build studio team in “Bridge to Dreams” and “Mediterranean Triangle” in 4th International Architecture Biennial. In 2019, she participated the AURA Certificate Program. Currently she is continuing her master in Architectural Design at Istanbul Technical University. She has awards in multiple professional design competitions she participated with the team.
Beril Özelçi

Beril ÖzelçiBusiness Development Specialist
Özyeğin University Faculty of Architecture and Design Architecture
She graduated from Özyeğin University, Department of Architecture in 2020. Since she saw architecture as a design discipline that includes thinking and questioning throughout her education life, she had the opportunity to develop herself in interdisciplinary areas. After working as a teaching assistant at Özyeğin University for 1.5 years, she joined the Building Catalog team. She continues her graduate studies in the Urban and Architecture Programme.
Hande Yaprak

Hande YaprakBusiness Development Specialist
İzmir Institute of Technology, Architecture
She graduated from Izmir High Technology Institute, Department of Architecture in 2023. During her undergraduate education, she took part in a wide variety of social responsibility projects and worked in various associations and communities in different roles, from manager to instructor. She used the design aspect of her architectural education in every work she took part in. She also tried to get to know architecture from different aspects by participating in various competitions and workshops throughout her education. She aims to realize a wide range of projects together with the sector in the Building Catalog team she joined after her education and hopes to contribute to the sector.
Serkan Bahadırhan Ormancı

Serkan Bahadırhan OrmancıMarketing Support Manager
Anadolu University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (BS), Beykent University Business Administration (MS)
He served in the Navy for 11 years and retired with a disability. He carried out the organizations and activities of corporate companies with his own initiative. He wrote articles in English for international referee journals on customer satisfaction. During his academic studies, he also received trainings in different fields such as stock market technical analysis, diving and tennis. He attended certificate programs in leadership, entrepreneurship, advertising, public relations, career management and effective communication at Adnan Menderes University. With the goal of continuous success, he is now a member of the Building Catalog family...
Yasemin Karamuk

Yasemin KaramukSales Portfolio Manager
Anadolu University, Banking and Insurance
After a short period of banking experience, her way was crossed with the Building Information Centre. After entering the industry, she decided to continue her career in this area. She has developed herself in materials, classification, indexing, content and catalog management. She remained in the team that runs Building Catalog’s printed and digital platforms for 20 years. Building Catalog, Stone Catalog, Dekora Catalog, Russian Building Materials Catalog and Building Fair Catalogs are some of the publications that she contributed.
İrem Özcan

İrem ÖzcanSales Portfolio Manager
Okan Uni. Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Interior Architecture
She has played an active role in the creation, application and drawing processes of multiple architectural projects. She has gained experience in the advancement of the construction site sector and in the field of digital marketing. She continues to work in cooperation with architects to promote the functions of materials in the sense that building companies gain recognition on the market.
Ebru Güler

Ebru GülerSales Portfolio Manager
Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture. Interior Architecture
After graduating from Yeditepe University, Department of Interior Architecture, she took an active role in the technical drawing-design-implementation and construction site monitoring processes of projects with architectural content of various scales. Having mastered the architectural style, she began to gain experience in the field of digital marketing. In order to support the visibility of construction companies in the market, she continues to work in cooperation with architects to promote the functions of materials.
İrem Karslı Aktaş

İrem Karslı Aktaş Sales Portfolio Manager
Istanbul Kultur University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences International Trade
After completing her undergraduate education in 2018, she started her business life in Turkey's leading manufacturer company in the metal-industry sector, worked for exports in different group companies belonging to the same holding, and managed her own customer portfolio in the field of international sales and marketing. Later, she joined the Building Catalogue to contribute to the promotion and development of the marketing activities of companies in the digital media in the building sector.
Yasemin Karabulut

Yasemin KarabulutContent Marketing Specialist
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture, Architecture (BS), Bauhaus University (MS)
In 2008, she completed her undergraduate studies in Architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. After graduation, she worked as a designer architect for two years in leading architectural offices in Istanbul. Later, she studied German at Bauhaus University in Weimar. In 2014, she graduated from the same university's architecture master's program. Following her graduation, she worked as a freelancer in Germany for a while and then returned to Istanbul. As an architect, she participated in large-scale projects. She worked as a project manager at an international design agency and participated in national and international group art exhibitions. Additionally, she founded her own brand called "Yamisi," and her works have been exhibited in numerous art galleries and published on various online sales platforms. Currently, she continues her studies on content production, social media and team management, and digital marketing for construction companies and architectural offices within the Dezinti Design Consultancy team.
Edibe Genç

Edibe GençContent Marketing Specialist
Istanbul Kultur Uni. Faculty of Architecture, Interior Architecture (BS), Istanbul Kultur Uni. Graduate Education of Institute, Interior Architecture (MS)
She completed her undergraduate education in Interior Architecture in 2018 and her master's degree in 2022 at Istanbul Kultur University with her thesis titled "Qualification in First Stage Health Places". She thinks that architecture is produced in a completely different way in various environments and therefore the methodology gains diversity. Depending on this idea, during and after undergraduate and graduate educatio, she has improved himself with his experiences such as competitions, workshops, national - international congresses, academia and architecture office. She conveyed her experiences on the Interior Architecture profession during her undergraduate education through corporate content and social media management and addressed many audiences. By joining the Yapı Kataloğu family with the desire to further their experience, she continues to work on social media management, content and digital marketing.
Seda Tuzcu

Seda TuzcuContent Marketing Specialist
Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Architecture and Design Architecture
She completed her undergraduate education at Bahçeşehir University, Department of Architecture. Realizing her interest in digital media, she received a training on social media management and digital marketing in order to advance in this field. After completing her education, she started her career as a social media content specialist. She is currently working as a content marketing specialist on the building sector in Dezinti Design Consultancy team.
Şule Otçu

Şule OtçuContent Marketing Specialist
Maltepe Uni. Faculty of Architecture (B.Sc.), ITU Graduate School, Architectural Design (M.arch.), ITU Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Architecture (Non-thesis M.Sc.)
Şule completed her second master's degree at Istanbul Technical University in Architectural Design with her thesis titled "Non-Ideal in Body and Space Relations: Architecture for No Body”. During this process, she participated in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition ITU research project's team. Prior to this, she completed her first master's degree in Building Information Modeling (BIM) at the same university's architecture department (non-thesis). She continued her professional career for about six years at Mutlu Çilingiroğlu's architecture office. She completed her undergraduate education at Maltepe University's Architecture Department with a full scholarship, ranking first in her class. From her undergraduate studies until now, she has participated in various national and international architecture and social projects and events. She is a core team member of the Poedat collective. Şule, who has won design awards from various competitions such as Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, International Association of People-Environment Studies, and Kerpiç Academy, continues her work and production in the fields of competition and academia. She is also interested in Lindy Hop.
Büşra Kara

Büşra KaraContent Marketing Specialist
Altınbaş University, Fac. of Architecture and Engineering, Architecture (BS), ITU Institute of Science and Technology, Architectural Design (MS)
After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture in 2018, she started a Master's program in Architectural Design at Istanbul Technical University in 2019. Her thesis, titled "Domestic Practices: Home Image in the 1980s and Spatial Projections" was completed in 2022. Throughout master's degree, she took part in various workshops, national and international symposiums, and archive studies. She has won first and second prizes in various idea, design, and writing competitions, including the Istanbul's Grave Design Competition held by IBB, Critical Readings in Architecture held by MD1927, and Architectural Expression of Space Writing Competition held by KTMMOB. She is currently continuing her academic studies as part of the PhD Program in Architectural Design, which she began at Istanbul Technical University in 2023.
Melike Sena Erden

Melike Sena ErdenContent Marketing Specialist
Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Architecture and Design Architecture
After completing her undergraduate education in the architecture department as the second, she continued her academic career in the Architectural Design Thesis Master's program. During this process, she took part as a researcher in the team that developed a real-time computer application based on the spatial syntactic properties of the design in the "Spatial Syntax Design Application" project supported by TÜBİTAK at Istanbul Technical University. She also took part in various elective courses and design studios. She has various publications in international symposiums and workshops in which she is a leading team. She won awards by participating in design competitions of different scales, especially the "RIBA President's Medal". She is interested in web front-end development, focusing on user experience and interface design.
Uğur Güler

Uğur GülerBusiness Development, Marketing and Finance Consultant
Gazi Uni., Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economic
He has conducted managerial studies in the finance and logistics sectors. He provided inter-unit coordination and administrative services. He carried out management and supervision work on the achievement of the performance targets of the projects and the enterprises and budget realizations. He provides financial consultancy services to building sector.

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