SikaSeal®-623 Fire

Brand: Sika

Fire resistant intumescent (swelling) joint sealant for penetration joints

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It is used on floors or walls that contain passages of flammable equipment such as floor and ventilation pipes or cables.

• It is a fireproof, intumescent (swelling) graphite joint sealant for interior pentration joints.
• It has high intumescent feature (swelling property 20 times the applied volume).
• One component, ready to use.
• Provides acoustic insulation.
• It has a fire resistance of up to 4 hours.

* CE Marked and Performance Declaration: Based on European Technical Rating ETA 18/1049, EAD 350454-00-1104: 2017 - Firestop and fire insulation products, penetration joints
* Fire Intumescent Sealant Pipe Closure and Linear Joint EN 1366-3, SikaSeal®-623 Fire, warringtonfire, Approval No. CF 5717
* Fire Resistance Performance Classification EN 13501-2, SikaSeal®-623 Fire, warringtonfire, Classification Report No. 401159 / B
* Fire Sealant for Fire Stopping EN 1366-3, EN 13501-2, ETAG 026-2, SikaSeal®-623 Fire, UL, Certificate No. ULEU-01091-CPR
* LEED v4 EQc 2 Compliance: Low-Emitting Materials
* VOC emission classification GEV-EMICODE EC 1PLUS