Sikagard®-704 S

Brand: Sika

Silane / siloxane based reactive, water repellent impregnation coating

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Heavy freeze-thaw and de-icing salt are used on absorbent surfaces in civil engineering structures or concrete structures exposed to the effect of chlorine on the seashore.

• Sikagard®-704 S; It is a low viscosity reactive impregnation coating with high active silane and siloxane content that meets the requirements of EN 1504-2 standard for hydrophobic impregnation coatings (penetration depth Class I, also resistant to freeze-thaw and de-icing salts).
• Good penetration depth close to Class II limit.
• It is economical and easy to use.
• Without forming a film layer, it reduces capillary water absorption and provides protection on vertical surfaces against effects such as rain and splashes.
• There is no significant effect on the water vapor permeability of the surface.
• Resistant to sea water.
• Increases concrete's resistance to freeze-thaw and de-icing salts.

* Meets EN 1504-2 class II requirements - Polymer Institute - report P 5360E dated 23rd March 2009
* EN 1504-2 - MPL, Sika Tüffenwies dated September 2008.
* Hydrophobic impregnation according to EN 1504-2, DoP 02 03 03 01 001 0 000031 1010; certified by Factory Production Control Body: 0921; certificate 0921-CPD-2073 and provided with the CE-mark