Sikadur®Combiflex Sistem

Brand: Sika

It consists of modified flexible polyolefin (FPO) waterproofing tape and suitable Sikadur® adhesives with high adhesion.

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In the insulation of joints and cracks around tunnels, culverts, hydro power plant, sewage plant, foundations, water supply structures and drinking water tank, iron-steel and concrete pipes; It is also used as sealing in expansion joints, construction joints, pipe transitions and cracks.

• It is a 2-component epoxy adhesive and repair mortar with high adhesion with FPO waterproofing tape.
• It has high adhesion without the need to activate the surface before application.
• Highly flexible, it can be welded with hot air.
• Suitable for contact with drinking water, resistant to many chemicals.
• It is UV and root resistant.

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