Brand: Sika

Tough elastic, low VOC emission, self leveling polyurethane floor covering.

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* Production and storage facilities, workshops etc. industrial floors located in places,
* Wet working areas (food and beverage industry etc.), parking lot flooring and loading ramps etc. dulled with sand for floors,
* In areas such as vehicle parking ramps and loading ramps,
* It can be applied on asphalt surfaces.
* It can be used indoors such as shops, exhibition areas and storage areas.

• Sikafloor®-324 is a two component, solvent free, polyurethane based, self-leveling, hard-elastic polyurethane resin colored with FP3 epoxy paste, with i-Cure based technology.
• Thanks to i-Cure technology, its sensitivity to environmental conditions is reduced and the surface finish becomes more aesthetic.
• It is flexible and hard-elastic.
• It has crack bridging properties.
• It can be applied on asphalt surfaces.
• It is an economical coating with good mechanical and chemical resistance.

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