Sikafloor®2540 W

Brand: Sika

2-component, low particle emission, water-based epoxy coating

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* Colored epoxy based coating for concrete, cement mortars, broadcast systems and epoxy mortars
* Can be subjected to normal to moderate mechanical and chemical loading
* Production areas, warehouses, car park floors, garages, etc. used in places.

• It is a two-component, AgBB approved, water-based, colored, epoxy resin-based coating material for flooring applications.
• AgBB and Clean Room Suitable material approved, low VOC / AMC emissions and particle release and hygienic.
• It is water vapor permeable.
• It can be diluted with water.
• It is odorless.
• It has good mechanical and chemical resistance.

* ISEDA Certificate of Conformity 35982 U 13, July 2013
* Bfl-s1 fire classification according to EN 13501-1
* Sikafloor-2540 W particle emission certification CSM Quality Certification-ISO 14644-1, class 4 and GMP class A
* Sikafloor-2540 W gas discharge certificate CSM Quality Certification-ISO 14644-8, class 9.6.
* Good biological resistance according to ISO 846
* Eurofins Emission Test according to AgBB scheme. Sampling, testing and evaluation were made according to ISO 16000.
* Eurofins Emission Test in accordance with Emicode EC1 + Scheme.
* Eurofins Emission Test in accordance with M1 Protocol.
* Eurofins Emission Test in accordance with the French label.
* Cleanroom Suitable Materials approval.
* In accordance with the USGBC LEED Rating system, Sikafloor-2540 W meets the requirements of "LEED EQ Credit 4.2: Low – Emitting Materials: Paints & Coatings". SCAQMD Method 304-91 VOC Content <100g / l
* CE