SikaProof® A+ Sistem

Brand: Sika

FPO waterproofing membrane that adheres to the entire surface and is applied before pouring concrete in foundation waterproofing.

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It is used for waterproofing, concrete protection or moisture insulation in foundations and other structures under the ground. Reinforced concrete foundations; one-sided and two-sided reinforced concrete walls; applications intended for expansion or repair; prefabricated elements.

• SikaProof® A + 12 is a polyolefin (FPO) based waterproofing membrane that adheres completely and permanently to concrete for underground waterproofing of reinforced concrete structures before pouring concrete and laying reinforcement.
• It is applied cold before concrete casting and reinforcement assembly. Bonds to fresh concrete both mechanically and with adhesive. It is not possible for water to move horizontally between concrete and membrane. High water impermeability has been tested according to various standards. It adheres completely and permanently to the reinforced concrete surface to which it is applied.

* CE Marking and Product Performance Declaration EN 13967 Flexible membranes for waterproofing
* Waterproof test- SikaProof® A + 12 / SikaProof®
* Tape A +, WISSBAU, Test report No. 2018-275
* Waterproof test- SikaProof® A + 12 / SikaProof®
* Sandwich Tape, WISSBAU, Test report No. 2018-276