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Foundation Insulation and Insulation Protection | Bituline Foundation Waterproofing

BITULINE is a modified bitumen based waterproofing membrane that provides waterproofing of foundations and basements. BITULINE is an ideal material for the vital waterproofing of both roofs and foundations of buildings in our country, which is an earthquake zone.

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About the Product
1Application Area

The BITULINE system can be used safely on foundations and roofs, in all climates.


• BITULINE membranes are bonded by fusion welding and easily adhere to surfaces. The welding system ensures the continuity of the insulation. The water impermeability of the BITULINE system is also complete at the joints.
• BITULINE membranes are manufactured with polyester and fiberglass reinforced high quality bitumen modified with various polymers in various thicknesses. The fact that it is produced with modern machines ensures the homogeneity and quality of the insulation.
• Thanks to the modified bitumen, the insulation remains flexible even at very low temperatures and does not crack. In high temperatures, it softens late and keeps its form. For this reason, the BITULINE system can be used safely in any climate zone.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

Guaranteed for 10 years.