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About the Product
1Application Area

When FONDALINE is laid on compacted ground or stabilized, contact of concrete with moisture coming from the ground is absolutely prevented. Since the pressure resistance of 250kN / m² means a carrying capacity of 25 tons per square meter, the system can be applied without any problems.


• FONDALINE absorbs all impact effects with its semi-conical embossed flexible texture, and prevents damages that may occur while filling the building pit.
• It protects the waterproofing by distributing the lateral loads from the soil more homogeneously with the number of bubbles of 1200-1600 / m².
• FONDALINE leaves an air gap of approximately 5.8 l / m2 between the basement wall or the underground part between the wall or floor it bears. This space provides the best drainage of ground water and provides the necessary air circulation for damp surfaces to dry.
• Packaging: 1 roll = 40 m²
Fondaline 400: 22 rolls / pallet = 880 m² / pallet
• Width: 2 m and 3 m
• Length: 20 m

3Quality Assurance Certificates

Guaranteed for 10 years.