Under Tile Waterproofing | Ondutiss Barrier Reflex

ONDUTISS BARRIER REFLEX vapor barrier waterproofing membranes act as a water vapor barrier. They consist of 4 layers. It has a water vapor proof system. It can be used on all roofs with or without ventilation. It prevents heat loss by convection when used in the living areas between the roof and the interior of the roof covering. It provides suitable climatic conditions. It is used on trapezoidal coating in clamped metal roofs. The aluminum layer reflects the rays and provides insulation.

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It can be used in clamped metal roofs, in-roof steam braking, permeable roof and wall constructions.

• Aluminum layer reflects heat rays and provides excellent insulation.
• It prevents heat loss if used inside the living spaces located in the roof.
• It is a good water vapor proof steam braking system.
• Provides insulation against water, moisture and wind.
• It has the ability to reflect heat.
• It is light and easy to apply.
• It has high tear strength.
• Thanks to its UV additive, it can be used easily under sunlight for 3-4 months.

Guaranteed for 10 years.