Roof Covering | Slate

ISOLINE, which has been used as a safe waterproofing material under tiles for many years, makes slate covered roofs more economical, easy to apply and reliable with its specially developed "smart lath system".

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With the Isoline system, Slate is an ideal, long-lasting and prestigious roofing solution, especially for the renovation of corporate buildings.

• ARDUVAZ stones are mounted with special laths, and the stability of the stones on the roof is achieved with stainless steel hooks attached to the slots with millimetric distances on the lath. There is no need to drill any drill or nail holes on the stones. The assembly process is fast and safe.
• Due to the fact that ISOLINE, which forms the basis of the system, is an absolutely waterproof material, the inevitable losses arising from the overlaps can be minimized in order to prevent water leakage between ARDUVAZ stones in classical practice. As a result, while 2.4 m2 of slate was used to cover 1 m2 in the past, the required slate in the ISOLINE system is only 1.18 m2, thus saving half of the material.
• The decrease in the amount of stone used naturally has a negative effect on the weight of the roof. While the weight of ARDUVAZ roofs covered with traditional system is approximately 30-35 kg / m2, the weight decreases to 16 kg / m2 in ISOLINE system.
• Width: 250 mm
• Length: 200 mm
Net Cover Area: 25 Pieces / m²
• Thickness: 5 - 7 mm
Color: Black
• Weight: 800 gr
• Packaging: 115 cm x 115 cm x 90 cm | 1300 ± 100 pcs / package

Guaranteed for 10 years.