Roof Covering | Onduclair

It is a transparent, polycarbonate roofing system with daylight permeability. ONDUCLAIR provides protection against the harmful effects of the sun as well as light transmission. ONDUCLAIR is an attractive and durable solution at the same time.

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Onduclair is a polycarbonate roof system designed for all types of buildings.

• Transparent type polycarbonate sheets allow 90% light transmittance with their superior quality and maintain this feature for years. Polycarbonate has 80% light transmission even after 10 years of aging.
• It has high impact resistance, it will not be destroyed by the impact of hail hitting 135 m / s.
• It can be used at temperatures between -30 C and +130 C.
• Polycarbonate does not pass UV (ultraviolet) rays.
• 50 years of experience in the production of translucent sheets.

Guaranteed for 10 years.