Under Tile Waterproofing | Isoline

ISOLINE is a long-lasting and fully waterproof under-tile waterproofing system for your roof covered with tiles. ISOLINE allows the roof substructure to be covered with spaced boards without the need for OSB coating. In this way, significant savings in wood costs are achieved.

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Isoline is a unique waterproofing solution for all types of roof tiles.

• ISOLINE system has high qualifications to meet international environmental and sustainability standards. Click to continue.
• ISOLINE, which ensures the smooth application of the tiles, adds an aesthetic appearance to your roof. Again, you can obtain different and refined roofs with a wide range of accessories within the ISOLINE system.
• ISOLINE board provides full waterproofing on all tiled roofs, especially the Marseille type tiles.
• With ISOLINE, once you repair your roof, you won't have to renew your roof every year.
• ISOLINE offers complete waterproofing, smooth appearance and thermal insulation under the boards, both on the roofs of your newly built buildings and on the renewed roofs.
• Tile, which has been around for centuries and is the most aesthetic and traditional material in our country, can now be used as 100% waterproof, ventilated and heat insulated thanks to ISOLINE.
• Width: 102 cm
• Height: 182 cm
Net coverage: 1.65 m² / piece
• Weight: 6.0 kg / piece-3.6 kg / m²
Groove height: 2.4 cm
Number of grooves: 21 corrugations / sheet

Guaranteed for 10 years.