Roof Covering | Onduvilla

Onduvilla is not a mere product, it is a system that contains accessories that are compatible with each other as a whole, high reliability and aesthetics, providing heat and sound insulation comfort and finally offering a wide range of color and appearance alternatives.

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It can be applied on all types of roofs.

• ONDUVILLA system has high qualifications to meet international environmental and sustainability standards.
• Lay ONDUVILLA on OSB or on wooden coating. You only need to hammer the material with special nails. No special equipment is required for the application, only a hammer, nail and a cutting tool are sufficient. You can finish the application quickly and with little effort.
• With ONDUVILLA, you can enjoy a Mediterranean style tile-like roof. Choose from attractive and shadow-effect colors for your roof. Have a refined roof thanks to its newly designed special accessories.
• It is guaranteed against long-lasting water impermeability and lifetime corrosion.
• It can be easily transported and applied with only 4kg per square meter weight.
• Natural pigment is used for coloring. It has about 50% recycled material content. It has ecological life cycle performance.
• Width: 107 cm
• Length: 40 cm
• Net area covered by one: 0.312 m²
• Thickness: 3 mm
• Number of grooves: 6
Groove height: 3,8 cm
• m² weight: 4 kg
• Weight of 1 piece: 1.27 kg
Carbon footprint: 4kg eq CO2 / m²

10-year waterproofing guarantee