Roof Covering | Onduser

Durable, aesthetic and different roofs with special ceramics, mounting elements that ensure their fixation and ISOLINE waterproofing board. The ONDUSER system provides roofing with different color options.

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Onduser can be covered on sloping roofs and facades without using any mortar or adhesive.

• The load given to the roof is 19.5 kg / m2, and this weight is half of the traditional roofing materials. In this way, it provides convenience in transportation as well as in-site transportation and earthquake safety is high.
• Ceramics do not break when stepped on with rubber shoes. They also have a special coating that prevents slipping even in wet conditions.
• Ceramic surfaces covered with glaze reflect the sun. In this way and with the help of the selected colors, the roof does not store heat even if it is constantly exposed to heat.
• No mortar or adhesive is used in the application of ceramics. In this respect, the assembly is mechanical and ventilated. The system is also not affected by frost. Ventilation prevents condensation in winter, cools the roof in summer, provides comfort and savings.
• Each ceramic is mounted on the roof with stainless steel hooks. For this reason, no ceramics can move, fall off the roof, or fly due to effects such as storms and earthquakes.
• Width: 102 cm
• Height: 182 cm
Net coverage: 1.65 m² / piece
Corrugation height: 6,0 kg / pc
• Number of grooves: 2.4 cm | 21 corrugation / sheet

Guaranteed for 10 years.