Under Tile Waterproofing | Ondutiss Air

ONDUTISS AIR breathable waterproofing covers consist of 3 layers. The lower and upper layers are non-woven, and the intermediate layer is the waterproof layer. Thanks to this layer, it has a waterproof structure.

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It can be used under roofs, siding and curtain walls.

• ONDUTISS AIR 90 prevents the formation of mold and bacteria with its air-permeability (breathing) feature thanks to its invisible micro-pores and extends the life of thermal insulation materials.
• It is completely waterproof. In this way, it protects the thermal insulation against rain and snow.
• Thanks to its protective non-woven layers, it provides strength during construction before outer dressings.
• It has high tear strength.
• It can be used easily under sunlight for 3-4 months thanks to its UV additive.
• Provides energy efficiency within the building thanks to its wind shear feature.
• It can be produced as self-adhesive upon request.

Guaranteed for 10 years.