Roof Covering | Onduline HR

ONDULINE HR is a reliable roofing solution that has been known for many years and has a wide range of applications. The paint, which is impregnated with the resin with a special method, ensures that the ONDULINE HR colors remain stable even under the most difficult conditions. ONDULINE HR is produced in four colors: red, green, brown and camouflage.

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ONDULINE HR is easy to apply. It is very advantageous with fasteners suitable for each type of roof, with wooden purlin or veneer board, reinforced concrete plate, steel profile, with or without heat insulation. ONDULINE HR can be cut easily when necessary, it does not cause wastage. It can be easily adapted to flat or curved surfaces, less inclined or steep roofs.

• High standard in environmentalism
Fast and easy application
• Lightweight
Water impermeable
Sound insulation (absorption)
High mechanical strength
• Width: 97 cm
• Height: 200 cm
Net Cover Area: 1.62 m² / sheet
• Weight: 6.5 kg ± 0.3 kg
Groove Height: 3,8 cm
Number of Grooves: 10 corrugations / sheet

10-year waterproofing guarantee