Roof Covering | Onduline Andromeda

ONDULINE ANDROMEDA is a light, corrugated roofing sheet resistant to external flame spread.

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Onduline Adromeda can be used safely in a wide range of buildings from individual residences to collective residences, from institutional to commercial buildings, from industrial buildings to rural buildings.

• ONDULINE ANDROMEDA system has high qualifications to meet international environmental and sustainability standards.
• The boards can be easily removed and applied to the roof due to their light weight. For the application, a knife, nail and hammer are sufficient to cut the board to the desired size. ONDULINE ANDROMEDA boards can be easily applied on the roofs of all types of buildings, from outbuildings and outbuildings, on garages, garden sheds, industrial and rural buildings.
• Extremely light, with only 3.78 kg / m2 weight for new roofs or renovations.
• It is suitable for all climatic conditions and does not corrode.
• Sound absorption value is on average 40 dB.
• ONDULINE ANDROMEDA sheets are composed of bitumen impregnated organic fiber and a special resin. With this special method, the boards are made more durable.
• ONDULINE ANDROMEDA sheet and Onduline Mahya 2000 HR-B are resistant to external flame spread.
• Width: 107 cm
• Height: 200 cm
Thickness: 3,02 mm
• Groove Height: 3.80 cm
• Net area covered with one plate: 1.85 m²

10-year waterproofing guarantee