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With its headquarters in İzmir, the foundations of BTM, leading insulation company of Turkey, were laid in İstanbul in 1975 by Türkiye Şişe Cam Group. It has been increasingly maintaining its operations through its new and technological investments in its production plants in the Kemalpaşa Organised Industrial Zone at İzmir since 1986. It has a total of five plants where waterproofing, heat insulation and roof covering materials are produced. A company of the BTM Group, Polpan Kz is a plant operating in Kazakhstan and producing thermal insulation boards and waterproofing membranes.
Undersigning firsts in Turkey, BTM has clinched its leading position in the insulation sector through the polymer bituminous waterproofing membrane in 1989; closed-pore XPS thermal insulation boards in 1995 and roof covering material Shingle in 1996 for the first time. BTM started manufacturing synthetic membranes under the brand of Polypan in 2007.
Considering the changing market and competitive conditions in the world, BTM A.Ş., which has developed its own technology and products, invested in engineering force and laboratory infrastructure in this field and implemented projects in common with research organisations and universities, moves the insulation sector one step further in the world of technology through the firsts it has created.
Backed by the complex production plants equipped with advanced technology and an R&D force consisted of specialised staff members, BTM is a reliable business partner of the sector with its smart solutions and high quality products which it has created.
Having rapidly enhanced its range of products since the day it was incorporated, the products of BTM are offered in a wide range which may respond to each and every need of the user from the roof to the foundation. Thanks to the technology which it possesses, BTM has the ability and capability of producing more than 180 different products when and if so desired.
In the insulation sector:
  • BTM has so large a product range with
  • Polymer bituminous waterproofing products (Polibit, Plastobit, Elastobit, Levobit)
  • PVC-based synthetic membranes (Polyplan)
  • Roof covering material (Bitumen-based shingle - BTM Shingle)
  • Roof covering material (Corrugated bituminous sheet - Corrubit)
  • Bitumen-based building chemicals (Emulsions, Solutions)
  • New Generation Waterproofing Products (BTMSeal)
  • Joint fillings, coating materials
  • Thermal insulation systems (XPS thermal insulation boards).
BTM registered its structure aiming at new and competitive solutions which it has adopted as a principle with the ISO 9001:200 certificate in 1997, placing much importance on customer satisfaction.
In 1999, it set up the Quality Management System in its Quality Control and R&D Laboratories in compliance with the TS EN 45001 Accreditation Standard, thus taking the title of the first certified laboratory in its sector. Once the TS EN 45001 Standard was converted into the TS EN ISO/IEC 7025 Standard n 2002, the Laboratory Quality System was revised and it now serves the sector with 41 different tests required for insulation products.
At BTM, each product bears an unconditional quality assurance in each and every process from the production to the moment it reaches the user.
BTM’s pre-eminent basic strategic goals are to maintain its leadership in the living geography, increase its exports and perform environment friendly production.
Having been recalled with quality and reliability in its sector since the day it was incorporated, BTM provides exact solutions to any insulation problems through its network of dealers all over Turkey and offers any and all technical support and solutions regarding its products.
BTM further provides periodical training for the correct use of the products it has developed in compliance with the requirements of the sector and make the appliers conscious, thus enhancing the quality of application.
R&D strategies of BTM A.Ş. where technological and production works are implemented at world standards have been established to produce products which are
  • Environment friendly
  • Smart and easy-to-use, customer-satisfying
  • Suitable for purchasing power and future standards.
For those R&D studies performed on those issues as contained in the field of activity of BTM A.Ş., cooperation is made with universities, suppliers, research organisations and institutes at home and abroad.