BTM Bitülast BTL 200

Brand: BTM Bitülast BTL 200

Bitulast BTL 200 is a rubber bitumen based, single component, elastic water based, waterproofing material.

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Basement applications such as foundation, curtain walls and basement,
Terrace, roof, kitchen, bathroom etc.
Under the ceramics and balconies,
In the roof streams made of concrete, plate or zinc,
Protection of metal surfaces such as steel construction, pipe etc.
Polyester felt, sealing cloth etc. in insulation applications that need to withstand higher pressure water,
Sifted fine sand and mixed with some cement, as a protective layer on insulation layers or in filling pits on the surface,
In flowering insulation,
Insulation of the artifacts under the soil against water and moisture.

Basis: Water based polymer-bitumen emulsion
Color: Brown
Form: Dark liquid
Density: Average 1.0 kg / lt
Flash point: No glare
Application temperature: + 5 ° C / + 35 ° C
Service temperature: -10 ° C / + 85 ° C
Chemical resistance: resistant to dilute acid, alkali, chlorite and sulfate ions

TS 113