Polymer Based Waterproofing Material | BTM SEAL Alfa-Hybrid


Thanks to its high technology, it is a single component, long lasting and reliable waterproofing material which can be applied even at low temperatures such as -5 ° C and on damp surfaces. It forms a structure with seamless, UV resistant, robust and crack bridging after application. Because of its elastomeric properties, its performance remains the same even at low temperatures.

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Terrace and balconies
Interior and exterior surfaces of basements
Repair of cracks on surfaces
On the inner surface and on the exterior facades
Internal surface and exterior facades of domes
Roofed creeks
Ceramic under waterproofing
In floor applications as moisture barrier

Direct application without primer
Fast and complete curing
New generation reagent curing
Easy application due to low viscosity
Non-plasticizer formulation
High chemical resistance
It can be applied between -5 ° C and 35 ° C.
Applicable to damp surfaces
To be applied on hardened (min.4 day) fresh concrete which has not fully cured
Color options: white, gray, transparent