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Burak Aluminium Inc.
Burak Aluminium Inc.

Burak Aluminium Inc.

  • İstoç Oto Ticaret Merkezi 2. Cadde A2 Blok No:1 Kat:13 Burak Plaza, Bağcılar, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • 4443740
Burak Aluminum Inc. designs and manufactures extrusion production and project-oriented facade cladding, door-window and sliding systems.
In addition to providing services with architectural systems in projects such as airports, offices, hospitals and residences, the company also conducts boutique work by designing a special system for that project with its R&D team. In this way, getting to the market gets the chance to catch the optimum design, durability and price products.
The architectural systems prepared by Burak Aluminum product development department are taking firm steps towards the goal of creating a product range that is at the top of the sector with its easy-to-apply innovative solutions as well as high thermal and air-water impermeability values ​​reported by independent test organizations.
The company exports to nearly 50 countries and mainly works with the EU and North America. In addition, it exports to Gulf countries, Turkic Republics and Balkan countries.
Burak Aluminum Inc. In line with the innovative vision of the company, it has included many application projects reflecting its original ideas in its references, both domestically and abroad.
One of the goals of Burak Aluminum family R&D and export activities is to develop our country both in employment and economic terms.