Roof Coverings | Asphalt Shingle

Brand: BTM Shingle Yonca/Yaprak/Petek/Yakut/Rustik/Prestij/Dragon

BTM Shingle is a decorative roofing sheet made of oxidized bitumen with fiberglass carrier. Standard (Alfalfa/Leaf/Honeycomb), self-adhesive (Yakut/Rustic/Dragon) and double-deck laminated models (Prestige) are available in the production range of BTM AS for providing light, economical and long lasting waterproofing of curved roofs.

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BTM Shingle is applied on sloping roofs by sliding it on a suitable infrastructure. Before application, it is recommended to cover the shingle under membrane on OSB coating boards. In the details zinc can be used, shingle stone membrane can be used. Thus, color harmony is ensured on the roof.

Size: 100 x 30 cm to 100 x 34 cm.
The quantity in the package is between 18 and 24.
The area that can be covered with a package varies between 2.57 - 3.00 m².
Tearing: 100 N.
Breaking point: Min 400/600 N / S

TS EN 544 , ISO 9001, CE