Epoxy-Based Lining Material with Moisture Barrier| BTMSEAL E2K NB


BTMSEAL E2K NB is solvent-free, two-component, transparent, epoxy-based, which is made of resin and hardeners, lining material; especially used for Polyurethane/Polyuria based BTMSEAL products. The product has low viscosity, easy to apply, and it penetrates perfectly to the surfaces. It can be used indoor and outdoor areas, since it does not contain any solvent. After it is cured, it forms a waterproof, fraction-resistant and impermeable film. This film is impermeable and resistant to acid, base, diluted saline solutions, grease oils and petroleum products. Since A and B components are packed in measured amounts, they should be used by getting mixed together in the field of use.

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BTMSEAL E2K NB is used on wooden and metal surfaces, as well as on mineral-based surfaces such as plaster, natural stone, concrete and cement finishes. Also can be used as;
- Lining layer and moisture barrier in epoxy flooring applications,
- Adherence improving lining in epoxy applications,
- Lining layer and moisture barrier before polyurethane and polyuria insulating material applications,
- Concrete strengthener on loose grounds,
- Anticorrosive lining material in construction industry,
- Adherence bridge between old and new concrete,
- Water and moisture barrier on concrete surfaces.

• Perfect coating
• Perfect resistance to weather conditions
• Ability to bridge micro-cracks
• Easy-to-apply
• Resistant to fungus and algae
• Helps final material to perfectly adhere on the surface