BTM Shingle Lamine Prestige

Brand: BTM Shingle

BTM Shingle Lamine is a double layer roofing and waterproofing membrane with fiberglass carrier, made of oxidized bitumen, with a lower surface sand and a colored mineral fracture on the upper surface. It is shaded on the roof which is covered with double-storey structure and gives a perfect three-dimensional appearance. Shingle Lamine Prestige is coated with carefully selected long-life granules whose color adapts to structures and the environment. Shingle Lamine Prestige is the first feature to be laminated shingle manufactured in Turkey.

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For sloping roofs, the recommended minimum slope is 20% and is used for sloping pergolas for coating material and waterproofing.

Mineral and synthetic reinforced double layer (laminated) bitumen sheet
Carrier type4-film or mesh with non-mesh reinforced glass
Coating type: Type -X oxidized bitumen
Mineral: Type-2 mineral
Surface: Colored mineral
Bottom surface: Fine sand
Storage: Must be protected from sunlight when stacking.
Ecological information: Can be used in many climatic conditions.

TS EN 544, CE