Waterproofing | BTM BT2K 600

Brand: BTM BT2K 600

Two component, flexible, water based, fiber reinforced, polymer bitumen waterproofing material.

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Water and moisture proofing material for underfloor applications such as foundation, curtain walls and basement
Protection and insulation of structural elements exposed to leakage water, temporary and continuous water pressure
Terrace, roof, kitchen, bathroom etc. waterproofing material in dry or slightly damp details
Insulation of mineral surfaces such as concrete, stone, brick, briquette, plaster, screed
Repair of old bituminous membranes, asphalt etc.
Adhering thermal insulation boards
Insulation net, sealing cloth and so on. insulation applications that need to withstand higher pressure water

Basis: Two component bitumen based coating material
Liquid component: Polymer bitumen dispersion
Powder component: Modified cement doped powder
Color: Black
Form: Dark liquid
Density: Average of 1.1 kg / lt
Heat resistance: 100°C
Waterproofing after curing (DIN 1048): 7 bar

TS EN 15814, CE, ISO 9001