Pure Polyurea Based Waterproofing Material | BTMSEAL PUrea H


BTMSEAL PUrea H is a two-component, solvent-free, hot cured, highly mechanical and chemical resistant, rapidly cured, hybrid polyurea-based waterproofing coating. Following the application, it creates a highly abrasion and compression resistant and solid structure having crack bridging feature.

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Mineral and metal based, waterproofing required; roof, terrace and balconies, water containers and tanks, swimming pools, treatment facilities, car parks, green roof applications, channels, tunnels.

• Solvent free,
• Uninterrupted waterproofing,
• Fast curing,
• Spray (heated) application,
• Crack bridging
• High chemical resistance,
• High adherence strength,
• High abrasion resistance,
• Elasticity,
• Easily applicable on horizontal and vertical surfaces,
• Creating a bubble-free coating with proper surface preparation and priming.